DOT: laser skin rejuvenation

The Italian method of skin rejuvenation based on laser exposure has gained many admirers around the world for its effectiveness and long-term preservation of results. The purpose of this article is to explain to readers what this procedure is, how it works, what are the benefits, what effects can be obtained, and what complications are possible.

Method essence

beautiful facial skin after laser rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation, or dermal optical thermolysis, is done with a device called SmartXide DOT, which is why the procedure is known as DOT rejuvenation.

The laser beam has a targeted, dosed thermal effect that leaves the surrounding tissue intact.

The technology of this technique is based on the thermal and histochemical effect of photothermolysis. During the manipulation, water is applied together with a micro-beam laser, as a result of which the skin cells quickly heat up to 95 degrees. The damaged protein compounds of the treated skin tissue are deposited and coagulated and the excess fluid that has accumulated in problem areas is excreted together with toxins and destroyed cells.

DOT rejuvenation is compared to generating a heat electric shock that is evenly distributed to all cells of the skin tissue, followed by the activation of enzymes that destroy damaged cell structures and cause premature aging.

In order to achieve the maximum effect, all parameters and duration of the laser exposure are selected individually for each patient.

When is the procedure recommended?

The technique makes it possible in a relatively short time to get rid of the main signs of wilting of the surface of the skin, namely:

  • enlarged pores;
  • Manifestations of ptosis (age-related sagging of the skin);
  • Pigmentation of various types;
  • Scar deformities and heterogeneity of the skin relief;
  • vascular "asterisks";
  • Loss of elasticity;
  • Wrinkles of varying degrees of severity (from shallow to deep furrows).

In which cases is the technique contraindicated?

Unfortunately, not every woman can undergo this popular antiaging procedure because dermatologists do not recommend it for:

  • Pregnancy and breast feeding period;
  • various diseases of the epidermis (eczema, seborrhea, rosacea and others);
  • acute herpes stage;
  • mental disorders;
  • Acute stage dermatosis;
  • oncological processes in the body;
  • a period of intense solar activity;
  • Tendency to hyperpigmentation.

What are the benefits of manipulation?

DOT rejuvenation is considered a gentle and safe procedure that can restore the skin surface and tissues damaged during aging and restore the lost appearance and aesthetics of the epidermis.

A great advantage of the technology is the possibility of regulating the penetration depth of the laser point and the number of destroyed micro-areas of the skin tissue depending on the layers of the dermis to be restored.

The readings of the device are checked by a unique scanner that allows adjustments:

  • the area and individual areas of the epidermis in need of correction;
  • the length of the electrical impulses;
  • Concentration and density of leather processing (without gaps);
  • Selection of the required regimen for each patient individually;
  • Microtraumas of the skin (without overlapping them).

During the manipulation, only 25% of the skin surface is damaged, which means that the epidermis regenerates many times faster.

The main advantages of the procedure are:

  • a session under the supervision of an experienced specialist, which in most cases is enough to achieve the desired result;
  • long-term preservation of the effects achieved;
  • the ability to perform the procedure on any skin, including thin and hypersensitive skin.

This technique helps to achieve not only a cosmetic but also a pharmaceutical effect by ensuring the delivery of drugs into the deep layers of the skin structure. Manipulation relieves dyschromia, among other things, and also significantly reduces the severity of atrophic scar formations.

Photo before and after laser rejuvenation

What results can be achieved

One month after the DOT rejuvenation procedure, you can see the following results:

  • complete renewal of the upper and deep layers of the skin, which is manifested in a change in the appearance and quality of the epidermis;
  • an increase in skin tone and elasticity as a result of the increased production of its own collagen fibers;
  • complete elimination of age spots and lightening of melasma due to hormonal dysfunction;
  • Alignment of the relief and color of the skin surface;
  • the appearance of new, healthy tissue in places and areas with scars, scars.

Possible complications after manipulation

In addition to a large number of positive results on the skin, side effects can appear in the form of:

  • slight redness and irritation in the treatment areas;
  • Activation of the herpes virus in individuals predisposed to this infection;
  • Swelling followed by the formation of crusts.

Be sure to follow all the recommendations and prescriptions of the beautician who performed the procedure in order to significantly reduce and, in some cases, avoid side effects!

Choosing such a technique, you should understand that the success and effectiveness of the manipulation almost entirely depends on the qualifications, experience and knowledge of the doctor of the clinic to which you have applied, and availability of the relevant documentation from your chosen specialist!

Remember that after DOT rejuvenation, the maximum result will appear in six months and remain unchanged for 2 - 2, 5 years.

In conclusion, I would advise any woman who wants to experience such a technique of rejuvenation on herself to read the reviews of patients who have undergone this manipulation!