Reviews Goji Cream

  • Anna
    Goji Cream with the extract of the Goji berry one of the most effective among the Anti-Aging agent. 3 go back to him. The cream is light, a gentle, very quickly into the skin. My combo skin was perfect. The sebaceous glands are working in the same mode, so the unwanted oily Shine on the face appears. Cream well tightens the skin, improves its tone. About 50% of the wrinkles on the face has not disappeared, the Rest was not as pronounced. The cream is housed in a ergonomic package, to use allowing you to comfortably. The skin is rejuvenated, you see!
  • Teresa
    Super Effect goji creamnot expect , but just needed a good moisturizer that you can at any time of the day. The cream on your face before you go to work, and before bed. Moisturizes the skin perfectly, and is very prone to dryness. The smell of the cream. In consistency it is not very greasy, absorbs quickly. What is with the smoothing of wrinkles, I sure, I use it recently. Maybe after a longer time of use, the effect is visible. But as long as its features pleased me very much.
  • Angela
    About Goji berries other belongs to, but products with this ingredient have not tried. Goji Cream came to me pretty quickly. The light texture and a pleasant smell like. Until the wrinkles have not disappeared, but the skin looks better. Whether delicate. I have nourishes dry skin, but the cream is good and, although I was rather well to allergies to such means, but this cream.
  • Giovanna
    I never would have thought that the cream you can get rid of the wrinkles and not only, without unnecessary painful treatments in beauty salons. Pleased and the fact that there are no side effects and contraindications. Bought goji cream especially not thinking, am applying for a few months instead of the usual cream. The face toned and fresh, smoothed out the wrinkles in the corners of the mouth and the eyes. I advise everyone to try to enjoy life as I do.
  • Anna
    I've never tried Goji berries, but managed to buy a cream with the extract. Berries in General are very skin useful for our body, particularly relevant for the Mature face. Cream gently, almost like a Fluid. It's not easy enough, clog pores, and leaves oily sheen. Under make-up goes on wonderfully, but noticed that make keeps a long time, 3-4 hours max. Daily, morning and evening nanoshu Goji cream on the whole face (even around the eyes and on the eyelids) already almost a month. The results are good. Small wrinkles have disappeared, the deep is no longer so pronounced. Face more elastic, the skin is smooth. I don't believe in miracles, but the effect of the cream is simply awesome. At the Moment, more effective ways to combat wrinkles, I don't know(except for the injection). In order to support the result, it is necessary to use constantly, to some extent, addictive. The consumption quickly, even. Is barely enough for a month. Of course, you can also apply locally, but I'm for the prevention of paint on the whole face. Composition is not bad, good effect, good price. Do not want, that such agent sold berries with the extracts of Goji only through the Internet.
Reviews Goji Cream