Aesthetic Rejuvenation: What Techniques Are Popular Today? expert advice

Face after aesthetic rejuvenation

What today satisfies not only the desire of women but also of men to look happy from a young age? With the help of aesthetic rejuvenation, it is possible to save millions of faces from frowns, multiple chins, bags under the eyes, nasolabial lines and wrinkled foreheads. A plastic surgeon told us what is meant by aesthetic medicine today.

Aesthetic rejuvenation is understood as a complex that combines operations and various manipulations aimed at eliminating age-related changes on the face and neck. An integrated approach, aimed at achieving the most aesthetic, harmonious and natural result, will help avoid unpleasant consequences and visible signs of surgery. Only when this condition is met can the aesthetic rejuvenation have a positive meaning. The explicit external appearance has nothing to do with the quality result. An unnatural smile, "paralyzed" facial expressions, scars and scars - none of this is about aesthetic rejuvenation.

Minimally invasive manipulations or operations

Preparation for aesthetic rejuvenation of the facial skin

Minimally invasive manipulations are procedures in which interventions in the body are minimal and are carried out by penetrating the body through punctures or natural physiological openings. This method is less traumatic for the patient and allows you to recover quickly from the procedure because the scar is much smaller and therefore it will take less time to heal. Such procedures include botox and filler injections, lipofilling. They act on the skin, improve its quality, stimulate the growth of stem cells, thereby maximizing the volume of the face and its healthy appearance, making the patient look younger.

Isolated procedures are operations that aim to correct specific areas of the face and neck. B. Plastic surgery of the upper eyelids only or only the lower ones; Effect only on the middle facial zone, isolated lipofilling.

Larger and more serious surgical interventions such as neck lift, circular face lift, complex rejuvenation affect not only the skin but also muscles and deeper tissues. Such methods transform a person, significantly rejuvenate, eliminate almost all signs of age-related aging of the soft tissues, and make you look great.


About complications or negative consequences, only one thing can be said - everything is strictly individual and depends on the type of person, the features of aging, age-related changes. Each skin type has its own limits, it has its own approach and possible surgical or cosmetic procedures. For each specific case, the moments that can arise are discussed with the patient. The surgeon and patient work together to find the optimal interaction option that is safe and meets the aesthetic demands as much as possible.


aesthetic injection of skin rejuvenation

Aesthetic rejuvenation should not only be attributed to the weaker sex. Men too often resort to minimally invasive or cosmetic care procedures such as botox or filler injections, lipofilling and larger, more serious surgical interventions.


Many people believe that plastic surgery is the lot of women aged well over 30 and nearly 60 years old. That was not the case for a long time. The plastic surgery audience is getting younger and younger and more gender-split. Girls and young people between the ages of 20 and 25 are already deciding to transform and correct external imperfections. They make eyelids, tighten the eyebrows, tighten the corners of the eyes, change the shape of the eyes, remove bags under the eyes and improve the contours of the jaw. There are a lot of manipulations and surgical interventions. All of them can be done at will at a relatively young age, if indicated.

How to choose a procedure

The main task of aesthetic rejuvenation is to achieve a result that will satisfy the patient's desire and at the same time hide the visible signs of the work of a plastic surgeon. Plastic is no longer "doll-like", stretched and unnatural, and rejuvenation is not limited to grandmother's prescriptions, folk medicine and gymnastics.

If you want to have healthy and beautiful skin without wrinkles, it is important not to miss the moment. The patient decides which facial rejuvenation procedure to choose and when it is better, together with a trusted doctor who will diagnose the dermis, study the test indications and make recommendations on surgical procedures, care or treatment.